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Analimex Pratama is a certified distributor in fiberboard known as hardboard.  It is a wet-process hardboard, made up entirely of selected hardwoods species mostly Eucalyptus. 

The fiberboards are made without additional binders. Lignin in wood is retained during the refining operation, lignin can serve as the binders.Under high heat and pressure, lignin will flow and act as a thermosetting adhesive. 

Hardboards are made without adhesive addition, therefore, free from formaldehyde.


The uses for hardboard can be grouped as interior, packaging, automotive, fair stands, construction, furniture and furnishings, cabinet and store, appliances, and rolling stock

Bangna Standard Hardboard

Bangna Honeycomb Hardboard


Bangna Corruboard (Corrugated Hardboard)



Our hardboard is produced in standard class with smooth one face (S-1-S). There are three grades of board, A, B and C depending on the consistency of the colour and certain defects such as blistering, peeling, cracking, stain and black spot on the smooth surface.

Bangna Standard Hardboard

The colour of the board is reddish brown to dark brown which is ready to use without paint or finishing. Unless for special application this hardboard can easily be coated with any finishes and paints or overlaid with variety of other materials. Produced in standard size of 1220 mm x 2440 mm. The thickness is available in 2.5mm, 3.2mm, and 4mm. Other size and thickness are available by request.

In addition to the smooth suface board, we also have the embossed board in various figures which is called Bangna Fancy Hardboard and perforated boards.

Density: 8,000-1,200 kg/m3
Moisture content: 3-12 %
Modulus of Rupture (MOR) :     min. 38 Mpa (for 2.5 and 3.2 mm panel thickness)  
                                            :     min. 35 Mpa (for over 3.2 mm panel thickness)
Water Absorption: Av. 52%
Thickness Swelling: Av. 27%

Bangna Corruboard (Corrugated Hardboard) 

Corruboard's corrugated surface and flexibility make it an excellent material for exhibition, packaging, shopfitting and interior design. eco-friendly corrugated panel made from chemical-free wet process hardboard production which utilizes pulp from recycled materials, farmed eucalytus and agricultural wastes. The product contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or adhesives which is harmful to respiratory system. Produced in standard size of  120 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm with thickness of 2.5mm  (Size 120 cm x 200 cm x 2 cm and 122 cm x 450 cm x 2 cm are produced in bulk upon request ; 60 days leading time)


Corruboard is made of 100% wood pulp, hotpressed to corrugated panels without the admixture ofadhesives.

Easy Installation

Corruboard can be handled like wood and can be sawn, drilled, taped, and glued. It is also noise insulation material. The surface can be given various colours using varnishes and glazes.

Easy Customization

Corruboard lightweight material can be configured into limitless shapes and patterns. Corruboard provides an ultra-strong structure that cushions and protects products from damage.

Bangna Honeycomb Hardboard

Stronger, Stiffer, Lighter.  Bangna Honeycomb panels are lightweight panels that add strength, not weight, to primary and secondary panel structures, while saving time and reducing labor in production. Bangna Honeycomb panels offer an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, making these value-added Corruboard sandwich panels an ideal substitute for Plywood, Wood Crate, and OSB in applications where weight reduction is required, yet stronger than carton. Produced in customized size. Value-added Bangna Honeycomb panel is manufactured to tight tolerances and is easy to cut, shape and drill.

Bangna Softboard

Soft, resilient, light coloured sheet material, manufactured from bagasse fibres. Produced in standard size of 1220 mm x 2440 mm. The thickness is available in 10mm. Bangna Softboards are grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards. 

Ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced (eg. in recording studios and auditoria)
Display board, ideal for window dressing and other displays in all kinds of stores, schools, homes and offices
Thermal insulation is required, in the form of wall linings, ceilings, and roof linings
Core material for partitions and doors, for partition panels, and as anti-drum lining for metal partitions and machine casings


Our Bangna Hardboard certification includes reliable verification of the legality of the wood product and recommended by the Ministry of Forestry in Indonesia.

Our Bangna Hardboard is lab-tested, recommended, and/or legally verified by the following departments:

SCG Building Materials

SCG Portland Composite Cement

SCG Smartblocks (Lightbricks)

SCG Pipe & Precasts

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